Preschool Programme

Life Experiences

The Preschool Curriculum adopts a cognitive and constructivist approach to learning, emphasizing on active child-centred learning experiences that promote children’s interest, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations.

Empowering Minds and Igniting Passion

The young mind is thirsty for new experiences, to be challenged and to be engaged. We empower children as protagonist of their learning, not only to facilitate the acquisition of skills and concepts but the process of developing a positive self-image, and inculcate positive attitudes towards learning.

Integrated Learning Approach to Holistic Development

An all encompassing integrated curriculum that strikes a strong balance addressing the development of the whole child through child-centred active exploratory learning experiences, with a skills-based curriculum structured systematically focused on acquiring academic skills to be applied in meaningful learning contexts.

Junior Reporter 小记者

Trailblazing in its innovative approach to learning Chinese language, 小记者 is a uniquely Learning Vision curriculum that is designed to cultivate your child’s appreciation and interest in the Chinese language, thrusting them to be confident communicators, and budding readers and writers of the Chinese language.

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Early Years

2 months to 3 years

Laying the Foundation

The Early Years Curriculum is tailored to nurture your young child’s emerging communication and language skills. The activities encourage creative expression, activate physical skills, instil a sense of well-being, and helps them develop socially and personally.

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Enrichment Programme

All ages

Let’s Make Learning Fun

We’ve partnered with Learning Horizon to provide a wide selection of enrichment programmes to add a new dimension to the development of their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills. These workshops and camps help to build character, preparing the children to meet life’s challenges with confidence.

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