The young mind is thirsty for new experiences, to be challenged and to be engaged. We empower children as protagonist of their learning, not only to facilitate the acquisition of skills and concepts but the process of developing a positive self-image, and inculcate positive attitudes towards learning.

Preschool Curriculum

An all encompassing integrated curriculum that strikes a strong balance addressing the development of the whole child through child-centred active exploratory learning experiences, with a skills-based curriculum structured systematically focused on acquiring academic skills to be applied in meaningful learning contexts.


Numeracy programme is the building foundation of mathematical knowledge skills and acquisition of basic understanding of math concepts. It focuses on engaging children in processes of math skills such as critical and creative thinking, reasoning and logical thinking, problem solving, data collection, recording and analysis as well as discussing and communicating ideas with one another.


Junior Athlete is a multisport curriculum designed for both Early Years and Preschool Children to explore, play and develop 16 different fundamental movement skills. It adopts a holistic approach and in line with the Long-Term Athlete Development model adopted by Ministry of Education and Sport Singapore. The curriculum aims to develop the dynamic Learning Vision Child’s mind-heart-body through a range of sports and personal health and safety education.


Literacy and Letterland adopts a blend of structured phonics approach and whole language teaching and learning approach. This curriculum is designed to focus on language and literacy development competencies in oral communication, word skills, grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing skills; learning language in meaningful fun and holistic ways.


The music and movement curriculum promote an awareness and exposure to basic rhythm and sounds. It is conducted as part of the Chinese Language Curriculum. It aims to promote children’s self-expression, imagination and creativity through active engagement in singing, listening, creative movement, musical games and exploring rhythm and percussion activities.


This programme focuses on language and literacy development competencies in oral communication, word skills, grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing skills through meaningful, fun and holistic ways.


Pioneering and leading in this innovative curriculum, Learning Vision’s ECO-KIDs adopts a holistic approach to learning that serve as a foundation for shaping children’s values, perspectives and understanding of the world they live in. Children are engaged in dialogue and activities related to meaningful topics that encourage understanding, awareness and appreciation of environment issues, sustainability and on their roles and responsibilities as a member of the community in the world they live in.