Preschool Curriculum

The Preschool Programme takes on a cognitive and constructivist approach to curriculum emphasising on active child-centered learning experiences. The curriculum centers on children’s interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge which leads to experiences in inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on explorations. Expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills and competencies, dispositions and attitudes are promoted through an innovative integrated and project work curriculum complemented by an interactive skills-based curriculum, all of which are process-oriented and centres on the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills.

  • Centres around children’s interest and curiosity 
  • They have a natural quest for knowledge leading to experiences in inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on explorations 
  • Development of life skills and competencies, disposition and attitudes are promoted through integrated project work 
  • Prepares children for successful transition to formal school 

Kindergarten Two (for 5 to 6 years)

With the considerable progress and advancement in language and numeracy skills, Kindergarten 2 children are now more proficient in communication, reading and writing, and use these skills as the means for presenting ideas, knowledge and as a tool for learning content, concepts and skills. They begin to develop a greater perspective and appreciation of large-scale environmental and community issues.  With increased social and emotional maturity, children continue to work collaboratively in projects, engaged in critical thinking and meaningful explorations of ideas and concepts through problem solving, inquiry, investigations, and research. By the end of the K2 year, children are independent, confident, articulate, creative thinkers who are appreciative of the world – and equipped with the life skills and attitudes that are prerequisites for school readiness and life success.