The comprehensive curriculum is designed to ensure early years children experience a seamless and smooth transition, ready to take on more structured and skills-driven learning expectations of the preschool years.

The framework that determines the pedagogy and key practices of our infant programme are:

  • Attachment with a familiar caregiver who is sensitive and responsive helps the infant in developing trust, emotional security and well-being.
  • Caregiving provides the context within which infant learn to be comforted through caregiving tasks and routines.
  • Play is central to the daily routine and creates opportunities for learning and observation in infants.

Our Infant Curriculum design centers around three main developmental domains: sensory-motor development, social-emotional development and promoting early learning in cognition and language skills. These are achieved through our 8 key learning experiences of our unique infant programme:


Baby Art is a process-oriented art activity that emphasizes hands-on discovery and experimentation with colours, form and texture. It promotes sensory motor development through tactile stimulations and engaged infants in using their hands and fingers control and coordination.


Baby Chef is a multi-sensory cookery activity that involves infant in a wide variety of experiences like touching and feeling the ingredients used for cooking and listening to ingredients being mixed, chopped and poured as well as smelling the aroma.


Baby Gym is an infant exercise program that is designed to support the specific developmental milestones of physical growth in infants from birth to 18 months old. Gym activities are planned to promote sensory-motor and physical explorations.


Baby Music is an active approach to learning music which encourages infants to listen and explore music elements like beat and rhythm, singing, dancing, movement games and instruments.


Baby Read focuses on infants’ language learning through a repertoire of language-related experiences. Enriching and interactive language experiences that encourage infants to hear the sounds of language, words and speech patterns in a variety of forms.


Baby Sensory Play promotes sensory stimulation focusing on auditory, visual and tactile learning. Infants are engaged in sensory play through activities like art, manipulative play, play dough, scribbling and using textured play materials.


Sunshine Baby is an outdoor program that facilitates outdoor learning experiences. Outdoors provide infants with opportunities for cognitive, sensory motor and social-emotional growth. The outdoors is full of creative opportunities and is rich with sensory stimuli and sources for learning.

Children playing

Our Early Years curriculum in playgroup and pre-nursery are centered on the guiding principles of learning through relationships, interactions, play, routines and transition. The provision of a vibrant, dynamic and interactive environment invites each individual child to explore, interact and discover. Our curriculum promotes holistic, exploratory and multisensory experiences developing children holistically in communication and language skills, creative expression, physical and cognitive abilities, personal and social development.


Story-based learning that immerses children into the joys of stories through different forms of play experiences such as Story Play, Music and Art Play.


This curriculum aims to develop language experiences through stories and different play experiences such as Story Play and Music Play.


Exploratory play-centered curriculum that aims to develop a range of fine motor skills, sensory tactile development, and cognitive development such as early numeracy and problem-solving skills


Junior Athlete is a multisport curriculum designed for both Early Years and Preschool Children to explore, play and develop 16 different fundamental movement skills. It adopts a holistic approach and in line with the Long-Term Athlete Development model adopted by Ministry of Education and Sport Singapore. The curriculum aims to develop the dynamic Learning Vision Child’s mind-heart-body through a range of sports and personal health and safety education.


Letterland exposes the pre-nursery children to learning basic language skills, focusing on phonics, recognition of letters of the alphabet and early reading skills.